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Annual recorded losses on the healthcare system because of patient no-show

My role: Design Researcher & Visualization Lead

  • Planed, conducted, and analyzed qualititive and quatitative research data

  • Designed and visulized Customer Journey Map, Service Ecosystem Map, and Service Encounter Map.

  • Created an integrated visual identity for brand "zubi"

  • Designed the process book and presentation

Collaborated with 

Brieana Nestler

Juancho Larrazábal

Wenqi Zhu

Group 33.png
Group 33.png

Prof. Xenia Viladas

Spring 19 I SERV 724


Problem Statement

Currently, healthcare services way of dealing with no show by adding fees to patients that don’t arrive to their respective appointment. However, nobody is getting any sort of “win” from this. 

Services are not getting the amount of money they would’ve won from the appointment

and patients are angry because they’re being charged for a service they didn’t get.


Where is the disconnect?

Is there more to the issue than money?

Is the value co-creation process in healthcare completely broken? 

Our research was focused on deep diving into the

user’s mind and understanding their context as well as expectations.

Distinctiveness of Healthcare

In our general survey, 58% of 25 participant had missed appointments with doctor, dentist, or both.
The rate is much higher than other industries. 

The reason of no-show includes mental concerns,

like uncomfortable with hospital, nervious about unknown, 

besides some other general issues on  transportation,

and time management.

Rate of No Show.png
Reason of No Show.png

In order to understand the underlying reason,  we planned and conducted multiple types of researches, including in-depth interviews, culture probe, and focus group

Culture Prob

Focused on people’s consideration before going to a doctor and their related experience with no shows

In-depth Interview

Understood how they make appointment, reasons for no show, awareness of no show fees & cost to healthcare

Focus Group

Focused on diving deeper.


From all research collected, UNCERTAINTY is an overarching theme and relates to financial and time uncertainty, uncertainty of my relationship with the doctor, uncertainty of my own health status, unknown of doctor's professionalism, and where to reach out.

Health Status


is an overarching reason for no-show in healthcare

Where to get more authentic info





Waiting Time

Based on the customer journey map, we identified where the uncertainty lies, before treatment even begins. After the first time treatment, people tend to maintain a routine  treatment with much less uncertainties.

journey map.png

Target Group

Sub-healthy People

"Sub-healthy" is based on a Chinese word "亚健康", can be better represented on an intermediate stage between health and disease. Sub-healthy people have a number of uncertainties because they have no typical pathologic featuresno obvious & diagnosable illnesses, even they know they're not 100% healthy.


In the focus group, their rating of health was 6.5 on average, consistent with how we all also ranked our own personal health. Living in this area of uncertainty, as one participant stated perfectly “My teeth are pretty good knock on wood, well I mean

realistically I don’t know because I haven’t gone to the dentist in a while.”

target group.png

Field Focus

Dental Health

The Healthcare industry is divided into multiple fields that have disparate features. In order to obtain a more specific and practical solution, we selected dental health as our field focus to move forward.

raise people’s awareness of dental health?


help people be in control/prioritize individual health?

help people alleviate cost uncertainty?

help people start a relationship with the dentist?





“In the healthcare industry, first impressions are vital. A person's initial encounter with your facility can make or break her decision to become your patient. Healthcare is incredibly personal and often invasive, so it's critical to do whatever you can to put people at ease and lessen their burden - starting with the onboarding process.”

During patient onboarding experience, there are four main actors in Service Ecosystem,  including insurance, financial institute, doctors, and patients

We examined the financial, medical, and emotional connections between these actors.

Currently, there is no trust between patients and other actors. The complicated procedure aggravates the uncertainty.

New service is a dental and insurance consultation, aiming to help patients remove uncertainties by uncomplicating the process and providing a better understanding of health.

Current Service Ecosystem Map

Current Ecosystem Map.png
Group 31.png

Future Service Ecosystem Map

Group 30.png


#1 Workshop

Service Package

People want an integrated service, including:

  • Quick checkup

  • Advising for future plan

  • Financial plan (insurance, financial support)

  • Dentist plan (dentist matching, appointment)


Location: Community or shopping mall

Price <= $20

Time <= 30 mins

Encounter Map.png

Future Service Encounter Map

Build servicescape by Lego
Participant look through brochure
Leaving with happiness
Dentist matching
Financial consultation
Read brochure and fill basic info
Lead to waiting area

#2 Roleplaying

Servicescape (Lego)

People like...

  • Smooth flow

  • Innovative and interesting service

People want...

  • An Attractive Trigger for advertisement

  • A Clear Introduction before the main service at the front desk or waiting area.     

  • More Transparent in the steps of dentists matching and financial consultation

  • More Professional and Neutral conversation to understand the service.

#3 Roleplaying


We chose roleplaying to further fine-tune the conversations at hand to provide transparency with our customers during the service, as well as make sure the consistency between the brochure and the conversation being had.

Encounter Journey.png
Final Design

5-step Service

5-step service.png


Zubi’s mission is to give you transparent-tangible control of your dental health, so you no longer have the need to look for your ideal dentist, and can smile when they ask you to say AAAHHH.

Introducing Zubi

The mobile dental pop-up that provides you with a quick dental check-up, insurance consultation, and financial planning to find a dentist best suited for you. Zubi’s pop-ups will meet you where you are, like next to your office, the gym, or even the grocery store.



zubi_ peace of mouth (2).gif
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